Sunday, April 23, 2006

Very important--Wonder Woman Movie

This has been running around in my brain for a few days now and I just have to get it out.

I have very fond memories of the comic book and of the t.v. series.

There is going to be a new Wonder Woman Movie. Joss Whedon is writing the script for it. This is a very good thing.

Casting is important.

Nathan Fillion (Firefly/Serenity and Two Guys and a Girl) should be Major Steve Trevor. I've heard he wants to be Wonder Woman, but I really think he should settle for Steve Trevor. I feel strongly about this.

And Morena Baccarin should be Wonder Woman.

Not that I'm still upset that Firefly was cancelled or anything. This is entirely unrelated.




At 5/11/2006 5:03 AM, Blogger Mel in Dubai said...

How cool!! I think your cast choices are perfect :)

Not only am I peeved about Firefly being canned but Buffy and Angel ending too :)

At 5/17/2006 12:12 AM, Blogger Holley said...

Glad you like them.

I was okay with Buffy ending. I thought the finale was fantastic. I was so upset that Anya died.

I was disappointed when Angel was not renewed. I would love to know what happened after the credits rolled. Again, it was an excellent series finale. And Wes. Poor Wes.


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