Tuesday, May 16, 2006


We bought more flowers this weekend. Not that we've had a chance to plant the ones we already purchased.

We bought some herbs for Chas's herb planter and some Zinnia's to go with Angie's favorite gardening book (both from MIL). And we bought a fuschia to go in the hanging basket. Now maybe we'll get some hummingbirds.

Last year I tried to grow a wildflower garden to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. The flowers were glorious and tall, but I only saw one pale butterfly all summer. I did see many, many fat, happy bumblebees, drunk with pollen, careening about our backyard with yellow dust covering their legs.

I'm trying once again for a butterfly/hummingbird garden in back. I started earlier so we'll see how lucky I am. I'm also trying to grow sweet peas from seed. I used to be very successful and growing things from seed. I have had as much luck with it since I've lived in Northeastern Ohio. I blame the region and the fact that spring is approximately two days long, followed by a round of late winter, followed by blazing summer.

Technically this is a cheaper hobby than stitching. But that's probably only because the window of opportunity is shorter for gardening here.

I'm more successful at stitching. Unless you only consider it successful when you finish a project.

I digress.

If the weather clears, we'll do some planting this weekend. Of course, here, it could still snow.


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