Sunday, July 12, 2009

Taking a break for some frivolity

I haven't had a meme in ages. So I saw this one and thought it would be cute (and fast)

Five Things Found in Your *Bag/Purse:

1. Kleenex
2. post it notes with lines
3. lip balm
4. crayons
5. inhaler

Five Favorite things in your room (total stretch because our bedroom is fairly spartan):

1. my husband (thought he is in the kitchen right now)
2. children's books
3. my books
4. our bed
5. pillows

Five Things you have always wanted to do:

1. own a craft store
2. become a published author (and a good one at that)
3. make more of my own clothes
4. Be a good mom and wife
5. Have a superhero ability to heal people (well it didn't say that the things had to be realistic)

Five things you are currently into:

1. Quilting and stitching (must justify the huge piles of craft supplies)
2. house hunting (offer made, seller accepted, waiting for the bank [to which the seller still owes $] to approve the sale--all body parts crossed at this time)
3. Keeping the girl occupied so she causes less mischief
4. furniture hunting
5. Family & Home & Friends

In the extremely bad news department, my brother's fiance/wife had her last radiation treatment and was sent home from the hospital a few weeks ago. She was given only about two weeks and has outlasted that, but my parents called yesterday to say that my brother had called them out to the house as she was failing fast. When I called, she was sleeping. Yesterday I wasn't a particularly good wife or mom--my mood was a bit snapish. Well maybe more than a bit.

Chas's grandmother has returned to the hospital with additional heart problems. She was hoping to go to the rehab center so she was a little upset.

There are some major changes at work and I have to wrap up as much as I can before my job shifts in no more than two months.

Our plates and cups are overflowing.

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