Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Favorite designers

See what happens when I can't stitch? I blog.

Here are my current favorite sources of stitching:

Teresa Wentzler--she is temporarily not designing so that she can concentrate on artwork and prints, and I actually have most of her designs. She revived my interest in cross-stitching in my early-mid twenties. Confetti stitching and blended threads. Beautiful stuff.

Chatelaine--Martina Weber reawakened my love of cross stitch after Angie was born. The Mandalas are amazing; I am close to finishing JG and aWG (close being relative--as in closer to finished than closer to the start). Her other designs are breathtaking too. I find stitching with silks incredibly addictive. I'm also amazed at the amount of work Martina puts into the details of the design.

Heaven and Earth Designs--I love the detail of the over ones. This company actually licenses the work of contemporary artists. I've seen some wips, they are stunning. My friend Cathy should look at the unicorn ones if she is ever in the mood. Some favorite artists found at HAED are: Nadia Tate, Sara Butcher, Scott Gustafson, James Christensen and Ruth Sanderson.

I also love the Fireflies on Parade by Stacey Tippin--cool.

I do have plenty to keep busy with just these three. I'm not going to look at anything else just now. Nope. Not at all....


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