Sunday, May 21, 2006


I spent Friday night stitching Santorini for my Dad. It is a surprise for him. I'm hoping that I can have it done by the Fall so that I can convince my older brother Scott to frame it for Dad so that we can give it to him for Christmas. It is an over one freebie design from Kreativ Kreuzstitch.

I am foolishly stitching full crosses over one. I had only been stitching on it a short time when I started muttering to myself that I should have used tent stitches instead (even though my needlepoint looks terrible). For the most part, the full crosses look okay, just a little off here and there. Doing full crosses isn't so terrible, just time consuming and a little bulky on the small count. I'm convinced that the tent would have been smoother and faster on this count.
By the end of stitching on Friday, I had completed 19 ten by ten squares of the 28 squares goal for this month. If I have calculated correctly, there are 172.5 squares in this design (15 across and 11.5 down). As of right now, I have 36 squares, barely 20%, completed.

I do really love the detail in the over ones. Working on this helped me muster my courage for the HAEDs. I'm itching to start one of the HAEDs, but I'm trying to be a good girl and exercise some restraint. If I czn just reach a few of my stitching goals this month, I'll allow myself to add something new.


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