Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, after sleeping in this morning, I am somewhat recovered. Of course I slept so late that Chas drank all the coffee, so I will remain only somewhat recovered.

We drove to PA as advertised on Saturday. The roads were fairly light for the holiday weekend so it was not too burdensome. We saw most of the Family on Sunday and had the cookout them. Always a crazy, busy time.

On Monday, Chas and I left Angie with her grandparents and drove to Mercer, PA for the funeral of one of the Mother of one of Chas's college buddies. I met her once at her daughter's wedding several years ago. She was a very vivid personality and seemed like a genuinely nice person. It was a sudden and unexpected passing and we just wanted to be there to support the family. It was, however, a nine hour drive in total and on the return trip, the air conditioning ceased to work in my MIL's Volvo. Chas and I became a bit silly and slap happy from the heat and exhaustion, but as he said it was definitely better than us snapping at each other the whole way home. We also decided that we had definitely under-rated our Saturn, which, while old, has a solid air conditioning unit and isn't as loud as the Volvo since my Dad helped us fix it in May.

Angie was really pleased to see us. My MIL said she did very well, but poor Angie was beginning to think we weren't returning. They were watching for us from an upstairs window when we finally pulled in the driveway. At night she climbed out of her sleeping bag to check that we were still there. I reassured her that we would be there when she woke up in the morning and then we could play some more.

On Tuesday we had more adventures that will be posted on Angie's blog as they are mostly Angie centric. Wednesday we headed back home in another long six hour drive. We ate a late lunch/early dinner on the road and skipped a final meal at the end of the day. Instead, Angie and I watched a Muppet Show DVD while I stitched on Ballet Pigs for the Wednesday SAL.

Chas and I are completely sick of being in cars and don't want to take any long trips in the near future. Of course, next weekend we go to my hometown to see my Dad for his birthday and just generally see my Mom and Step-Dad. I think we will have recovered by then.


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