Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Garden update

Last night I checked the wildflowers and I have some small pink blooms! Some of the flowers look like they are just about to burst open. I would have taken pictures but it has been very stormy.

I had hoped to take some pictures of most of the blooms in the flower beds, however, when I went outside to garden I discovered that a spider who was clearly a direct descendant of She-lob and possibly Aragog and fallen into one of the empty slots in the plant trays I have outside. The spider's body was larger in diameter than a dime and I'm fairly certain it was birthing lots of little mini Lob's as both Chas and I were certain that we saw tiny spiders.

Spider did not always bother me. I find their webs fascinating. Unfortunately, our area seems to be overrun with them. Our house generally looks like a haunted house due to the massive number of webs covering the outside. I think they have decided that this is a good place to feast on lakeflies. The result of having so many spiders around is that I have been bitten several times in the past few years. I had no quarrel with spiders until they began targeting me.

So I begged my husband to get rid of the monster spider and I fled. No gardening this weekend. No pictures of said garden. Still just a little too creeped out to venture back into the wild.


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