Saturday, June 24, 2006

A sci-fi show I would absolutely watch

We were cleaning around the study today when I re-discovered the printed version of this post. It never fails to make me smile because even the best sci-fi shows crosses the line at least once (usually far more often).

My personal favorites:

"Leaving the occasional dangling plot thread to be picked up on again later is great for building story arcs. Allowing the occasional mystery to remain mysterious is good for verisimilitude. And introducing tiny, strange, unexplained elements here and there to be used as possible story hooks later on is fun. But I will not go overboard with this. When I have more possible story seeds than I have stories, it's well past time to start tying those plot threads together."

"My villains will have lives apart from chasing after Our Heroes. They will also have reasons for chasing after Our Heroes other than "he tasks me, and I shall have him!" That doesn't work for anybody but Khan. Or, OK, Ahab."

"I will not name alien life-forms by putting an adjective in front of an Earth-critter's name (e.g. "Tiberian bat"). I will also not create alien figures of speech by taking a well known English-language cliche and replacing some of the words with made-up alien syllables."

And the finest principle on the list:

"Warrior women will keep their vulnerable areas covered."


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