Sunday, June 18, 2006

Date with DH

Last night after the fourth birthday hoopla had ended, Chas and I left Angie with her paternal grandparents so that we could enjoy some time alone. Maybe it was unfair of us. After all, we were all completely exhausted after the party--the heat and all the activity did in everyone. However, Angie actually played with Grandpa to his delight and they were stunned when we returned because they had not realized three hours had passed. I guess it wasn't bad after all.

Chas and I stopped at the Home Depot near the theater to search for portulacas. No luck.

Then on to the Theater to watch X-Men 3. Not a bad movie. Just not as good as the first two--Although it was great that Storm had a larger part in this one. Cyclops was completely shafted though. Poor guy. I don't know that the stark contrast between this movie and the previous installments can be blamed entirely on the departure of Brian Singer, but something was definitely different this time. Not that it was a bad movie, just not as great as the first two. I did love pheonix.

Chas and I both agree that this is not the best of the X-Men movies. However, I prefer the first movie while he prefers the second. Chas likes less character introduction and more focus on pure story. I like the intro of the characters backgrounds and I think that the movies have gotten more progressively Classic Comic Bookish. Which isn't really a bad thing. I just liked that in the first movie, the characters seemed like real people with amazing powers. With number three, the violence was just classic unreal comic violence.

I think we'll try to see what Brian Singer does with Superman.


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