Saturday, June 03, 2006

June Stitching Goals

1. Finish stitching the last zen garden and corner element in JG.
2. Complete the blue portion of the border in JG.
3. Complete one crane section in JG.
4. Complete one blue and gold ornament in WG.
5. Complete another set of pillar/gate in WG.
6. Finish the special stitches for parts 1 of GTK.
7. Complete part 5 of GTK.
8. Complete part 5 of Midi 1.
9. Start kit and prep fabric for Midi 2 (if we get the materials list).
10. Stitch part 2 of MTM.
11. Stitch on Springtime roses.
12. Stitch the dragonfly in purple for a friend.
13. Finish the hands, face, hair, fan and obi on mom's Japanese Lady.
14. More flowers on the Japanese Lady.
15. Finish the kimono on the Japanese Lady.
16. Stitch at least 26 ten by ten squares on the Santorini project for my Dad.
17. Finish the surprise for my DH.
18. Stitch at least 20 ten by ten squares on the Frog Prince 3.
19. Prep fabric and kit Star Fae, complete 2 ten by ten squares.
20. Do the final charting and start stitching on the sampler I'm doing for a friend.

That should keep me out of trouble.


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