Friday, June 02, 2006

Blame it on my thyroid?

So last week, I asked the pharmacist to call my doctor to renew some prescriptions when I picked up one of my prescriptions. Over the weekend, Target called to say that some of the prescriptions are in, but that Doctor N wanted my thyroid tested before issuing a new prescription.

During this time the OB/GYN obviously was testing me to see what my hcg levels. I tried calling Dr. N to coordinate the thyroid test so that I wouldn't become a complete pin cushion, but they had all left by the time I called.

On Tuesday, the nice lab ladies told me that though they couldn't draw for thyroid without Dr. N's referral in hand, they would use some of the blood drawn originally for the hcg for a thyroid test if I could get the referral faxed that morning. Thanks to the nice receptionist at Dr. N's, everything was apparently coordinated so that I didn't need to be stuck a third time in one week.

Today, Dr. N's office called to say that my levels were abnormal again and my medicine had to be increased. I'll need to be tested again in six weeks. Of course I don't know this until I get home, and it's too late to call the Doctor.

Then my brain starts thinking.... I know that a wonky thyroid can affect over all fertility, could it cause a miscarriage?

Made to Miscarry

Thyroid Disorder and Miscarriage

Hypothyroidism and pregnancy

I'm over 35 and I should have been approaching this much more carefully. We figured we would only worry if we went for a year of trying without success. I should have gone with my instincts and spoken to a doctor first. I knew we shouldn't wait so long.

Sometimes I'm such an idiot.

I have questions, and I don't know if Dr. N still has office hours on the weekend.

So were my levels down prior to conception and that caused the miscarriage?

Or did they drop while pregnant and that caused the miscarriage?

I was going to stick with the nice Dr. who saw me for the miscarriage, but now I don't know if I should go to someone with a high risk practice on the basis of one miscarriage, which may have been from chromosomal defect or from my wonky thyroid.


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