Friday, June 02, 2006

Ending the week with the Doctor....

Doctor Who that is.

Chas and I were not thrilled with the beginning of tonight's episode. Neither of us actually like reality t.v. and so we weren't enthralled with the initial premise. It appeared to be, "Grunt. Reality T.V. bad. Evil." Which always seems to be code for, "We don't like reality t.v. because the script writers have less work." Fair point, but not very entertaining as the plot of a 45 minute episode.

Fortunately, it was taking us somewhere. Very good episode, but dagnabbit, next week is the season finale. It's good because we'll be able to see it before the family descends for Angie's birthday (although technically it may be an ascension since we are farther north than everyone else). But it's bad because I lose Christopher Eccleston. I adore him as the Doctor.

Tom Baker was Dr Who for years and I only get 13 episodes with the delightful Christopher Eccleston?


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