Wednesday, June 07, 2006

GTK parts one through four complete!

Now I am done throught part four (except for thse pesky corners, but I'll figure out how to fill them later). I'll post a picture of GTK tomorrow. Tonight is double Gymboree (we well just have to see how that goes) I'm pleased that the stitching is done just in time for the Wednesday QS SAL at HAED. I moved GTK out of the travel bag and returned Frog Prince supplies to their places.

No pictures yet of course. Probably none for a few weeks as we are heading in the the Angie Birthday party season which involves a week long visit from MIL, shopping, decorating, partying and recovery. The added bonus is that my Brother, SIL and niece and nephews will come for a few days too.

However, here are a few random stitching thoughts:

1. I love stitching with silks. It is so nice to go back to silk after stitching with the DMC from the HAEDs.
2. Never doubt Martina's sense of color. It is flawless. Which leads too...
3. The yellow rhodes stitches in the boarder gives the impression of sunshine on a field of vines. No scan will ever do this justice. It is gorgeous.

And a few changes:

1. I did not outline all of the snail, I outlined what looks like it was to be the shell and the little antennae, but the body is bare, so to speak. I used the purplish shades from Bark for the snail's outline.
2. I re-did the Bark sheaf stitches eliminating the purple and paler shades. It looks much better than the picture posted.
3. I have decided against using my old grape jewelry. I'm not fond of gold and I just didn't like them with the stitching. I will be creating grape with beads instead.

It is just gorgeous. Once I survive the next few weeks, I'll be posting a picture.


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