Thursday, June 22, 2006

A flurry of starts and SAL progress.

I haven't posted much, but I did manage to find some time for stitching amidst all the birthday hooplah.

1. I have stitched on Frog Prince for every Wednesday SAL. Angie is really eager for this deisgn. I asked her yesterday what she wanted me to stitch and she said, "Angie and the Froggie!" And laughed gleefully. I'm doing well, I'll just be glad to have the top section done. I'd like to be able to show Angie the girl and the frog, rather than just blobs of color.

2. I started Pegasus and Castle Bubble. I love it. This will be so beautiful when done. I prefer to tent stitch these over ones because it cuts down on my stitching time and isn't quite so bumpy. Fudgey seems to think it might negatively affect the bubble shape if I tent everything. I may just do the background as tent and cross the bubbles. Dana also suggested adding sparkly fiber to the bubbles as it cries out for something sparkly. I thought maybe these designs were too busy for a bit of sparkle, but now I think I will stitch it as charted and then add sparkly bf where I think it needs it. Obviously, I'm far away from such weighty decisions.

3. I have also started Ballet Pigs. I couldn't resist. I needed a bit of a break from the rich tones in Frog Prince and also wanted a bit of whimsy. I love them. I also love that of the quick stitches that I've recently started, it is probably the quickest. You are looking at the top row from end to end. I can imagine how the entire design might drive a stitcher to some sort of alcohol use, but I love this little dancing piggy. Can't wait til I actually reach the little dancing pig!


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