Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Fingers Feel Itchy

I want to start St. Petersburg by Chatelaine. It is ginormous project and I have the perfect fabric for it. I don't have nearly all the necessary fibers or beads. I don't actually have the threads for the first part.

I also want to start the Stitching Leporello, although I haven't completely settled whether I'm using the antique white from the kit or something with a bit of color.

I also hear the Japanese Octagon Box calling me. I have everything I need for it and I can stitch it in nice little chunks.

Of course, I also want to start Polar Lights--it will be a kind of wedding piece for Chas and I. I think I'll try the two motifs a week used by Nicki in her Tocatta SAL. I still need a few more Weeks Dye Works though.

Then again, I'd really love to start Midi 3 and keep up with it. I'm not sure I want to use the antique white fabric. I'm leaning toward a blue, but I think Breeze by SMF (which I have on hand) will be too much. I have some of the fibers, but I need more to make a good decision.

What I really don't need is another major new start.

I really ought to finish a Chatelaine before starting one (or five others).

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At 7/15/2007 6:39 AM, Blogger Nicki said...

I want to start the Leporello too but I'm thinking that a light lilac fabric might look nice. What are you thinking of using?

I don't have time right now anyway :) Too many WIPs and too many gifts I want to do :)

At 7/15/2007 6:41 PM, Blogger ragamuffin child said...

You sound like me! I'm frantically trying not to start anything new, but it's not working well!

At 7/16/2007 10:01 AM, Blogger Lady Val said...

There are too many wonderful designs out there, so I can understand why you'd want to start them all! :)


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