Sunday, July 01, 2007

Defense Mechanism Engaged: warped humor

Chas believes that Kian means "bringer of stress" rather than "enduring."

Chas has always wanted to stop at two kids because he doesn't want us to be outnumbered. I've always wanted three children.

Now, I think we should stop at two because I already feel outnumbered.

(Okay the funniest part of this one was the look on Chas's face when I said this out loud--he was panicky that I was even thinking about more kids this early [with Angie I didn't talk about more kids until she was ten months old].)

I hope the doctors and nurses are morning people. Not in the "perky enough to sing Oh What a Beautiful Morning" sort of way though. Just better able to function in the a.m. than I am.

I mentioned to someone that this is the first time I've ever wished that I had entered into a medical field because I feel so useless and clueless. She (being in a medical field) pointed out that it doesn't help, it just gives you a whole bunch of things (real and imagined) to cause worry.

Of course, the fact that I could never find my own pulse in school health and gym classes would have probably limited my career in medicine anyway.

I was wondering to myself when I would stop worrying about Kian. At what stage would I be able to relax and feel secure about his health. I concluded that it would likely be when he is 67 years old.

Then I realized that when Kian is 67, I'll be 104.

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At 7/01/2007 10:46 PM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

Two kids make for odd math. You add one child, and multiply the work by ten! Hugs and prayers! I'm sure everything will go fine.


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