Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just Enjoying It

As is typical of the days preceding the descent (ascent? I suppose that depends on whether you use sea level or latitude to measure) of relatives and friends, we are scurrying to clean our home. The mad dash to tidy. The fevered passes with the vacuum and swiffers. The desperate planting of flowers (some of which have been patiently waiting to be planted for a month). The cathartic hosing of the house's exterior to remove the lake fly infested spider webs.

Angie's birthday party will be this weekend and we are trying to appear more orderly than we actually are. Not that we fool anyone--they know us after all. Still, we feel the need to present a clean home. We're funny that way.

So Chas took Angie to Gymboree earlier. As he was leaving, he asked what I would do to entertain myself while they were out--go for a walk, drive the car (now that my doctor has cleared me for everything), etc.

What have I done?

I've been sitting at the computer whilst snuggling our beloved son who has been napping on me for two hours. He started on my shoulder and has worked his way into a cozy little bundle on my lap.

I'm just enjoying it.

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