Sunday, May 27, 2007

Random Bits

Chas is holding Kian while he naps so that I can play for a few moments. Since I don't think I have time for a lengthy post, you are stuck with the following burst of random thought experienced over the last few weeks.

Kian gave me his first real smile two days ago when I went to retrieve him from the changing pad. I think he actually gave me the first smile when he was two weeks and six days old (big smile when Chas handed him to me for a feeding), but I'm not sure. Oh heck. I'll count them both.

Angie told me that she still likes to cuddle me. I'm so happy because she is getting to be such a big girl. She's always seemed so tiny, but I am certain that she had a growth spurt after I was released from the hospital.

Does anyone else just love the Old Spice Commercial with Bruce Campbell singing "Hungry Like the Wolf" in his best lounge act style (you can find it on youtube--my computer shut down so I lost the link[sorry])? I adore it. It makes me smile every time I see it. It also intensifies my desire for the Adventures of Brisco County Junior on DVD (one of the first shows I adored that was cancelled prematurely).

I have completed project number 7 in my 25 project challenge: A Black Lab Angel Puppy from Vermillion Stitchery. I started it three or four years ago for my brother's girlfriend and put it aside because I didn't like the colors used for the puppy. I still don't, but it still turned out rather well. I'm not much of an angel person (well I'm not much of an angel either come to think of it), but I thought that Tina definitely needed a guardian angel while she is starting this new round of cancer treatment.

I'm going to stitch a blackwork cancer awareness design and then finish them in a sort of fold open book for her. I plan to modify Judy O'Dell's Instructions for the Grape Threadkeeper Book. I'm hoping I can do this before Tina's Birthday in June. Yes I'm crazy with ambition again.

I very often have no idea what day it is. I've been confused going backwards and fowards for weeks now. I suppose that is to be expected since I'm up around the clock and I'm on leave from work. I don't know how I'll adjust when I go back.

Looking at that last sentence I realize that adjusting to proper days is the least of my concerns upon returning to work. I'm really going to miss spending all day with Chas, Angie and Kian. I still have several weeks of leave so I'll just enjoy them while I can.

Chas and I both took a quiz to determine which character from Coupling we were most like. He was Steve; I was Susan. How perfect is that?

I was quite relieved because I'm actually afraid that I more closely resemble Jane when left to my own devices (the absolute lunacy of her character anyway).

We've done so much walking that I've almost reached my third shield at the Eowyn Challenge.

I am really missing my Chatelaines, but I can't find a way to stitch them currently. They are so thought intensive and I can only grab a few minutes of stitching each day so I'm doing simple projects.

Mind you, that does not stop the Chatelaines from calling to me. Japanese Garden and Midi 1 beckon frequently and Polar Lights, the Stitching Leporello and the Japanese Box are begging me to start them. Even Water Garden, the Amethyst Mystery, Medieval Town Mandala, Taj and Convent's Herbal Garden pipe up every now and then.

I think the Chatelaines will be my at work projects. Unfortunately, that means Midi won't be done before the new Midi starts.

I've been trying to grow plants from seeds with Angie this spring. The bad thing is that each time we put them outside, they die. The watermelon seedlings look as though some animal went through the pot and destroyed. First the Beans, now the melons and the pumpkins. Angie is going to be so disappointed. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find some established plants?

I have put a few stitches in QS Ballet Pigs during every Wednesday SAL at the HAED board this month. I am hoping to finish her in time for me to sew it up for Angie's Birthday in June. Yeah. I don't know how I'm going to do that either.

Chas and I are slowly coming to the realization that we may not be moving for at least a year. I just haven't had time to do much with the house search process. We may need to get a realtor at this rate because I can't see how the situation will improve when I return to work.

Kian is awake and crying (he likes his mommy very, very much) so I need to go rescue Chas.

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