Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Some Stitchery Stuff

I have managed a little stitching here and there during the last few weeks. I usually stitch while letting Angie play in the bathtub once all the scrubbing is done. I also discovered that I could stitch the baby sling while holding Kian or while riding in the car. Today I finished the sling when Chas offered to hold Kian to give me a break (Kian's a bit uncomfortable today--Let's just say I've changed shirts twice and leave it at that [poor little guy]). So a happy dance for me this month and it isn't even an ornament! For those counting (and that would be me), this is number six of my 25 project challenge.

So first, here is another picture of my SAL Challenge piece after the May SAL. I added only about three or four hundred stitches this time. Maybe by August I will have finished the first page. The rate of progress with the full crosses is making me miss the tent stitching. Oh well, it's the journey right?

The next page is a bit more interesting so I'll probably stop posting pictures when I reach it. Unless I decide to go down instead of across for the next page. I need to pick up a few more threads for this page anyway to fill in some of those missing single stitches on the right side. I think it looks nice, even if it is just a bit of background.

Next is my happy dance!
Chas and I assembled this sling when we had Angie from instructions graciously provided at the Maya Wrap site. We used a soft canvas drop cloth purchased at a DIY store and rings purchased from a hardware store. What I did not do was finish the edge of the Sling. I had visions of a variety of special stitches covering five or six inches of the end in a variety of festive colors. Then I realized that the uneven warp and weft didn't really lend itself to that idea.
So this year, I pulled it out and planned to use Caron Watercolours in a pretty green or blue, but couldn't find my stash of WC in the post fire debacle. I settled on using my collection of Caron Wildflowers since I could actually put my hands on them. I still had visions of lovely blues or greens but planned to use just a simple button hole stitch. When I laid out my stash of WF, I asked Chas for his opinion. He picked the Sandstone WF (not any of my nice blue you will note). I thought it was boring and put it aside, convinced that I would pick one of the more vivid colors instead. After looking the options over several times, I decided that Chas was right and started using the Sandstone. Then I remembered that I hate the button hole stitch, frogged it and went with a simple Satin stitch. Today I finished the last few stitches and fringed the edge. In real life, it looks wonderful. I think Kian will really like being toted around in it. He prefers to be held rather than riding in his car seat so he might enjoy our walks a bit more now.

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Love your HAED, you've gotten a lot done ;)


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