Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ummm. Yay Me?

After the last post, because I seem to flit between serious and whimsy at any given moment, here is the whimsical, completely unimportant goings on:

1. I have made huge strides in the walk to Rivendell at the Eowyn Challenge since I've returned home from the hospital. We try to walk every day, weather permitting (and since it can technically still snow here through June in the Greater Cleveland area, I'm not always guaranteed a good day). I've picked up my second shield there (yes I know it isn't a real shield but I'll take virtual incentives when offered). Some stitchers at the HAED board are starting to have a weekly check in and I'll tag along with them if they don't mind.

2. I have stitched a bit. I'm almost done with the baby sling and I think I only have a few thousand stitches left for QS Ballet Pigs--probably not much more than 1,000 but I refuse to be so compulsive as to count them. Due to the health of my brother's girlfriend, I'm changing some of my focus projects this month. As one of my unlisted UFO's, I have been stitching a freebie black lab angel from the Vermillion Stitchery so I dug that out. I'm also going to stitch a Cancer Awareness blackwork freebie by Kristine Herber found at 123 Stitch.

As always, we'll see what I accomplish.

3. I am being really, really good. Not only have I not purchased the Tuscany garden mandala, or Chatelaine's current Anniversary Sweete Bag or her re-released Five Year Anniversary design, but today I did not purchase any of the new Celtic Designs released by HAED today. You cannot know how much restraint that actually took, especially since there is a sale on. Well, most of you are stitchers so you probably do know how difficult it was to resist a sale combined with new charts. I did add a few to my wish list though so that I can find them when I've completed the challenge.

4. In the midst of the excitement and exhaustion of Kian, this blog turned one year old last month so, ummmm, yay me!

Thanks for reading.

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