Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Some Stitching

I managed to sneak in a few stitches on the HAED Challenge SAL this weekend as we made a quick trip to see my parents and and step-dad. Sunday was my Dad's birthday and he had not seen Kian since Angie's birthday party before Kian's procedure. Kian had not met my oldest brother at all as he has been busy with Tina. We packed a lot of family time in a very short visit when my other brother decided that he could make it over to see Dad and us on Sunday.

I did not finish the first page as I had (unrealistically) hoped, but I did finish a few more squares. The second page is far more complicated than this one, so I expect my progress to slow down once I actually reach it. Sigh. It's a lovely design even if I don't complete it until I'm fifty.

Some HAED artists are being discontinued. I'm not sure if I will treat myself prior to reaching the halfway point in the 25 project challenge.

I stitched a tiny bit more on Midi 1 last night (you could have guessed this if you saw my posts updating the Materials, Tips and Errors section at the Chatelaine BB yesterday). I just need to put a few random stitches in and finish the lady. The I will only have the beading and special stitches to do and I might have a larger Chatelaine finish this year.

We're travelling again on Thursday to see Chas's parents and I've compiled my list of projects to take along for the six hour drive. Midi isn't on it, but that may change by Thursday morning. Do you think five projects is excessive?

I'm trying to work on my Love Quilt project a little each day in hopes of getting it done by the due date. I'm also remembering how much I dislike stitching on aida. I understand the need for uniformity though I don't enjoy that part of the stitching. I still plan to meet my 101 Things goal and stitch at least one Love Quilt square each year.

And to answer some questions from the last stitching post:

Val--the worst part is that the previous list only focused on one designer (and not all of her charts that I want--just the most pressing). My actual wish list is enormous and grows larger every day.

Nicki--I originally thought about a lilac fabric. I don't have any suitable fabrics in my stash. I'm also thinking about Ashes of Roses or Butterfly Kisses by SMF. I don' have enough in my stash to do the whole Leporello. I may stitch the inside on different fabric or maybe I'll just order more.

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At 7/19/2007 5:56 AM, Blogger Nicki said...

Order more! ;)

That page is looking lovely and you're nearly there. You seemed to get a lot done this time :)


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