Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are you a collector?

From Memes for Stitchers:

The answer is absolutely yes! Oh, just stitching related stuff. Definitely yes.

1. Do you have any stitchy-type collections? flosses, fabrics, patterns, gagdets, scissors, etc? describe any you have! :) post pics, etc.

I have most of Teresa Wentzler's designs either in kit, book or chart form. I have several Chatelaines and a few Mirabilias (though I have yet to start a Mira). Some M Designs, Dragon Dreams and Black Swan. I tend to grab charts I like as quickly as possible for fear that they might go out of print or become otherwise unavailable.

I also have a nice collection of silks and over dyed/space dyed threads. I have some Caron, NPI, Gloriana, Dinky Dyes, Weeks, Stranded by the Sea, Hand Dyed Hues, Crescent Colours, Olde Willow Stitchery, Anchor Multi, Thread Gatherer, Seaside Treasures, Polstitches Dragon Floss, Needle Necessitities, Eterna Silks, Raj Mahal Art Silks. I love them all.

I have a few hand dyed fabrics but really only some Silkweaver solos, Sugar Maple Fabrics linen and some Hand-dyed Jobelan (two colors, both shades of purple). I love the colors of SMF best, but I love the texture of the jobelan. Silkweaver is lovely too though. There are so many gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics on the market I wish I could try all of them.

2. If you weren't limited by space, money, or time, what type of things would you collect?

I joke at work that if I win the lottery, I'm going to build a house around a giant walk in stitching closet that will contain all SMF colors in all available fabrics. There will also be storage for more silk and over dyed fibers and my patterns. I would also pull all my books out of storage and buy more books. And then I would buy more DVDs. And thanks to the HAED board, I've discovered these cute little ACEOs and I would love to have something by Nadia Tate.

I am a collector at heart. I saw a PBS special a year or so ago that explained that women's need to collect and shop goes back to hunter gatherer days. The theory is that women were primarily responsible for acquiring and storing the necessities for survival and this is carried forward today in our shopping and collecting habits.


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