Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stitching by Chance

On Saturday I wanted to keep stitching Santorini, but I have so many other projects calling me that I flipped a coin to decide my project of the day. I did this a few times during the day and every time, GTK was the answer. The borders of GTK exceed my scanner's limits, but you get the idea.

I was up late last night and finished the beading for part two. I rarely seem to take these mysteries in order. This morning I beaded some of the grape clusters for part four. I wasn't fond of the first beaded grapes. They were sort of a blue-purple-gold metallic bead. I've done two other shades of beads and like them much better. However, I think I like the queens stitches grapes best. Here is a complete corner:

At this point I have 5 more queens stitches grapes and 7 more beaded grapes to do. I also have the Rhodes stitches from part one, the back-stitched vines from part two or three and the sheaf stitches from part three. I haven't liked how they've come out. I'm using Bark instead of Copper because I like the Bark better. However, either I need to be more selective in which part of the skein I use, or I just need to go find some Copper. I think I should look at some of the other wips before deciding. Any thoughts?

Typing this out makes it seem like I don't have that much left. I'm hoping to get completely caught up before the next part is released on June 1st.


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