Thursday, July 06, 2006

Half year stitching goals:

Inspired by the HAED board, I thought I ought to post my stitching goals for the rest of 2006.


1. Finish Amethyst. The stitching is entirely done. I need to find different beads because I changed it from gold to silver. I also need to decide what to do with the crystals. The colors picked by Martina don't go with my purple silks. I think I have decided to use the ptb, or maybe the perle and do specialty stitches instead, but I'm not quite certain yet.

2. Finish Midi 1. I have everything I need to finish it, I just need to buckle down and do it.

3. Finish GTK. I am so pleased that I have managed to stay current with this class. The only scary part will be the actual finishing it into a book. I hope I am up for it.

4. Finish WG. This is a gift project and I have been working on it since the fall of 2004. I do not want to carry it into 2007. I love the silk pool--it was my first experience stitching with silks and I immediately fell in love with them. However, the columns and gates area is my downfall--all that grey is BORING! Although it will be beautiful when done.

5. Finish JG. I should, I just really should. I wanted to complete it in one year, but I am so far off my stitching plan for JG I don't know if I will be able to catch up. Oh well. It's also about the journey right?


1. Finish QS Ballet Pigs. I love this little piggy. Angie loves animals and dancing so I think she will like it. I stand a very good chance of finishing this one because it is so small and has nice blocks of color.

2. Finish QS Star Fae. I love this one. I love all the Nadia Tate designs, but I have plans to group some of the other Faes together, so I allowed myself to start this one as a solo. Next year, I will add other faes to my goal list. I will probably start others, but I really hope to finish this one.

3. Finish QS Frog Prince 3. As much as the confetti stitches are killing me, I really must finish this one. Angie is so caught up in the idea that this is her and a froggy that I must complete it. I have no choice. Of the three goals posted at the HAED board, this will probably be the most difficult one for me to keep. It is large for a QS and has tons of confetti so I get discouraged.

4. Complete one half page of Pegasus and Castle Bubble. I did not post this on the HAED board for the half year competition, because the other qs are higher priorities, but I really hope to make some progress on this design. It's beautiful and I want to see how those bubbles look stitched.

Other Stitching Projects:

1. Complete the Japanese Lady for Mom. It is just disgraceful how slowly I am going on this one. I should be ashamed to start anything new until I make more progress on this Lady. I still have lots of work on her kimono to do plus the birds and the parasol. Lets not even discuss the backstitching. Mom will change her decor by the time I actually finish this design at my current rate.

2. Complete Santorini for Dad. Enough said. I should get this done. It has a nice blend of confetti and large blocks of color. Of course I'm using full crosses (which has convinced me to use tent/continental stitching for all my other over one designs) so that will slow me down. I'm still hoping to finish it by fall so that my brother can frame it for him.

3. Complete Plane for Dad. It is a kit, and I hate kits. I'm running out of thread, which is discouraging me from stitching on it, and I keep adding half stitches to "fix" the design, which also discourages me. Still I must do it.

4. Design and stitch a sampler for a friend. Must do it. Must. I have most of the elements lined up, I just need to pull them together and actually stitch it. I have most of the fibers too. At least I think I do. I may change my mind once the actual stitching commences.

Wishful Starting:

One would think with this lengthy list of finishes, a sensible person would not dream of adding to the pool. Clearly, I am not a sensible person, so here is my list of want to starts by the end of the year:

1. Midi 2 by Chatelaine.
2. Fireflies on Parade QS by Stacey Tippin and HAED.
3. Butterfly Fae QS by Nadia Tate and HAED.
4. Dragonfly Fae QS by Nadia Tate and HAED.
5. Stitching Leporello by Chatelaine.
6. Japanese Octagonal Box by Chatelaine.
7. Several other Nadia Tate Faes by HAED.
8. Motherhood QS by Selina Fenech and HEAD
9. Fractal 25 by Cross Stitch Collectibles.
10. Mystery Sampler by Pappilion.
11. Garden Stars by Ink Circles.
12. Multiplication Tables by Long Dog.
13. Peacock love by Josephine Wall and HAED.
14. Polar Lights by Chatelaine.
15. One of the trees by M Designs.
16. One of my Monsterbubbles designs.

I don't even own the 10-12 charts, but I would still like to work on them.

I think that is more than enough to keep me out of trouble.

Or maybe deeper in trouble.


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