Sunday, July 29, 2007

July's Random Stitchery

I finished another ornament for the Ornie SAL--the prettiest of my ornaments so far. Now I think I'm at 12 for the 25 Project challenge, unless I've forgotten something again.

I set some July goals at the Chatelaine BB after Kian's procedure, but forgot to post them here.

1. Finish Tina's book.
2. Stitch a bit on Midi 1
3. Stitch a bit on WG
4. Acquire supplies for Midi 3
5. Finish HAED QS Ballet Pigs
6. Maybe stitch a bit on JG
7. Stitch a bit on Stealing Oats.
8. Stitch a bit on a Love Quilt square.

The only goals not reached so far are finishing Tina's book (I need the supplies including fabric and ribbons) and stitching on JG and Stealing Oats. I still have a few days though so I might still manage a few stitches. I haven't gathered all the supplies yet for Midi 3, but I've pulled most of the fibers. I need a few more and a fabric decision before I can start it.

An item stitched, but not listed is Santorini--It's been nearly a year since I touched it. We saw my Dad on his birthday and I'm struck by how frail he's getting. My Mom too, so I think that means that both Santorini and the Japanese Lady will appear on my goals for August.

I made excellent progress on WG. I think that it and Midi will be dual (or should that be dueling?) Chatelaine focus projects until I've finished them. I recall that one stitcher actually started and finished WG while she was home on maternity leave with her newborn. That woman is my idol. I can't even begin to fathom how she accomplished that. The best I can do is an ornament or my Love Quilt square while Kian rests on me. When he's not in my arms, Angie is vying for my attention.

And I think I've solved my Amethyst Mystery dilemma. This was the first Chatelaine Mystery I joined, but I still need to finish beading and adding the crystal treasures. I don't like the treasures that came with the kit. Additionally, because I changed the gold Petite Treasure Braid to silver, one of the beads just doesn't suit my stitching. However, I've found what I think will be the perfect Swarovski crystals, and I've identified some Delicas which might work. Now I just need to purchase them. It won't be this month, but maybe next. It's nice to think I might actually finish this one soon though.

I apologize for the horrible scan. The greens are not grey, they are nice, fresh, minty greens. The blackish bits are actually pretty metallic purples. The large octagon is a beautifully-shaded, rich, purple silk, carefully stitched to suggest light sparkling on a gemstone. And there are lovely purple-aqua delicas and tanzanite bi-cones that the scan fails entirely to reveal. However, I wanted to show off this gorgeous piece. Trust me. If you could see the actual colors, you'd be swooning. Or something.

In anticipation of crossing the midway point, I allowed myself to purchase a few charts from some designers being retired at HAED. I don't consider this falling off the challenge (others may disagree) because I had intended to reward myself with some limited edition charts once I completed 13 projects. I just received the reward a little early. Now when I reach number 13, I'll just have a little happy dance and smile at my new charts.

It's a little frustrating because I keep thinking I'm closer to being finished with several of my WIPs. Then I actually look at them and realize I have a lot more work to do. I don't think I'll manage to finish 13 more projects by the end of August so I guess that unless I completely fall off the Challenge, I'll have to wait for Martina to release the Pompeii Garden as a full chart in a year or two. Sigh. Well, I wouldn't be starting it anytime soon anyway.

Truthfully, I'm not sure I'll finish 13 more projects by the end of the year. But when I finish #25, I will go on such a shopping spree!

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At 7/30/2007 11:45 AM, Blogger Cyndi said...

I haven't started any Chatelaine projects yet (I'll tackle a mini-mandala first), and I love to see people who have finished one. I want them all, don't you? So much to stitch, so little time!


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