Monday, July 23, 2007

"tis finished

Harry Potter that is.

I bought the book yesterday evening and finished it this afternoon. It was awkward having a big book and a big sleeping baby on my lap simultaneously, but I happily managed.

And despite my fears, I was not spoiled about any key points at all. Although I guessed or read several bits, I was surprised (in good and bad ways) many times.

Very good book. The only part I didn't like was the epilogue--which was not long enough and left me unsatisfied. I was very happy with the story overall and the resolution, just not the "x odd years later" bit.

Still, a very good book and an appropriate ending to the saga.

Hope you enjoyed it too.

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At 7/24/2007 2:58 AM, Blogger Nicki said...

I loved it! I'm not going to didcuss it here in case someone sees my comments and reads a spoiler by accident, but I am about to pop over to the HP RAL for a discussion :)

At 7/24/2007 10:44 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

Haven't even finished book 4 yet. :o)


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