Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Stitchy Month

In the midst of all the hoopla, I failed to mention that I finished the infamous tooth fairy pillow the night before the election. I do mean "finished" finished--in pillow form and everything. Angie was pleased to see it as she has two wobbly upper teeth.

Last night I finished Stealing Oats, beads and all. I'm under a bit of stress lately so it felt anticlimactic, but it is pretty and done. I hope the recipient likes it.

So with two nice sized finishes, will my serial starter ways pop up and lead to a new start? Stay tuned--I am hearing the siren song of several charts in my stash, but right now, there are so many of them they are drowning each other out!

The Chatelaine Board is undergoing some restructuring to make it a little less overwhelming. I am trying to establish some regular stitch-a-longs to keep us inspired and to motivate new stitchers to join in the fun. Please check out the Olympics forum for more information but here is a brief glimpse of the SALs:

Weekend Edition SALs:

1st Weekend: Marvelous Mandalas--Mandala Gardens of any type--Mini's, current classes, unfinished classes, freebies, magazine designs and older Mandala designs.

2nd Weekend: Bigs and Smalls--Quilts, mini mandalas, band samplers, freebies, any of the three month classes whether current or old. This will also include the Tree of Hope.

3rd Weekend: Sumptuous Samplers--Just what it says, the Lights series, the Illuminated Manuscript, Heritage Sampler, band samplers or any of the sampler classes (including the small cotton samplers) and charts.

4th Weekend: Boxes, Baskets, Toys and Other Designs--Everything from the Designing Ladies Series (Unicorn Box, Stitching Leporello, etc) to JOB. You could also stitch ornaments or biscornus using Chatelaine freebies or tryouts from your older classes.

5th Weekend (when we have one): Everything goes! Pick a favorite, pick a SWIP, or start something new. Whatever makes you happy so long you stitch!

Olympic Edition Sals:

Olympic Games:
Sixteen days of stitching fun which coincides with the Summer or Winter Olympic Games. Medals will be awarded.

Olympic Trials: Themed or goal-setting SALs which appear throughout the year and may last for a month or more.

This coming weekend is the Samplers SAL and the first Trials, (With a Chatelaine Christmas/Summer/Winter theme) will run from November 19th through December 31st. There are only a few stitchers in both SALs so if you have a Chatelaine project that fits the themes, please consider jumping in the SAL so we can cheer you on!

I may have another happy dance or two this month. November seems to be a good stitchy month for me thus far, even with all the distractions.

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