Thursday, May 25, 2006

A question of taste

1. What types of stitching and design styles appeal to you most?

I love the Mandalas by Martina Weber (Chatelaine) --they are so clever and the colors are lovely. I always enjoy stitching on my Mandalas.

I also love some of the fantasy/fairy tale stuff I see like Teresa Wentzler and HAED.

Basically anything that captures my imagination and is detailed.

2. What types and styles don't appeal?

I'm not fond of the primitives or the reproduction samplers. I can appreciate their beauty, but I don't have much desire to stitch them.

The only exceptions would be Long Dog, which I suppose could be considered primitive. I love the Token and Paradigm Lost and most of their monochromatic designs. I also think their Multiplication Table is really attractive. I struggled a bit with Multiplication in grade school but looking at that might have helped me.


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