Sunday, August 06, 2006

101 Things in 1001 Days


1. Exercise
2. Walk to Rivendell (The Eowyn Challenge)
3. Get rid of clothes that no longer fit (and never will again)
4. Get a passport
5. Drink more water/less pop in the evening
6. Read four books per year.
7. Buy some new music and movie soundtracks
8. Buy a new purse
9. Go to the Dentist
10. Buy some tv shows on DVDs
11. Practice flute
12. Get a manicure


13. Get/Take Family photo
14. Get pregnant, stay pregnant, give birth successfully
15. See one movie in theater with husband at least once each year
16. Enroll Angie in Kindergarten
17. Do more arts and crafts with Angie
18. Spend more time with Angie
19. Date my husband
20. Call Mom and Dad once each week
21. Call brothers once per month
22. Take pictures of Angie
23. Videotape Angie telling a story
24. Work on pre-school skills with Angie
25. Go to the Great lakes Science Center with Angie
26. Play games with Angie
27. Purchase home brewing kits for Chas
28. Take Angie to the Dentist
29. Renew vows
30. Cook one meal a month (taking us out to dinner doesn’t count)


31. Write commendation letter re Patsy
32. Stop using the “File on any available space” method and keep desk clear at work
33. Delete unnecessary work files
34. Turn in weekly reports on time for six consecutive weeks
35. Complete 10 cle credit hours through the Judicial College in 2007
36. Update Resume once each year
37. Buy new work shoes


38. Reduce debt by $ 5,000 each year.
39. Contribute $20 per pay period to savings
40. Maintain savings
41. Maintain rainy day fund
42. Save for a house
43. Increase retirement savings each year


44. Blog often (at least once each week)
45. Make a blinkie
46. Buy newer version of Photoshop Wow and develop graphics for site and blogs
47. Get a new computer.
48. Regularly test links on website and blogs. Delete dead links and update moved links.
49. Back up the blogs to cd
50. Set up Yuku account
51. Organize Outlook Express and delete e-mails
52. Save cross stitch patterns to cd
53. Back-up websites to cd
54. Re-format website
55. Learn css
56. Create wallpaper for the computer
57. Organize Internet Favorites

Home improvement

58. Clean home office
59. Buy Washer and Dryer
60. Buy new flatware
61. Buy new drinking glasses
62. Keep kitchen table clear of clutter for seven consecutive days (being away does not count)
63. Start sprouts early next year.
64. Get window box
65. Plant bulbs
66. Obtain renter’s insurance
67. Buy one new office chair
68. Buy new computer desk
69. Clean Basement
70. Buy/obtain 2 dressers


71. Design and stitch Sampler for Cathy
72. Design and stitch butterfly for Holocaust Museum
73. Stitch something for Love quilt in 2007
74. Stitch something for Love quilt in 2008
75. Stitch something for Love quilt in 2009
76. Use ideas in one of my Just a Thought Books and actually “finish” something.
77. Rechart Tapestry Cat into Tapestry Dog and stitch
78. Stitch a blackwork design
79. Get Eterna stranded silks for JG
80. Buy beads for Mini H
81. Buy beads for Taj
82. Buy fibers and beads for Midi 2
83. Stitch Planets from TW Millenium
84. Assemble thread checklist for HAED charts
85. Chart a baby book and stitch it (underwater theme)
86. Finish stitching 15 current projects
87. Complete 7 UFO’s


88. Spend time with Cathy
89. Find missing LOTR and Harry Potter books
90. Subscribe to 3 magazines
91. Send Christmas/Holiday cards.
92. Fix bracelets
93. Catalogue DVD’s
94. Catalogue cross stitch charts and supplies.
95. Catalogue books
96. Use sewing machine
97. Get another car
98. E-mail friends and family more often
99. Move
100. Buy a real camera
101. Buy art


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