Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Eowyn Challenge

I've seen it posted on many of the stitching BB's and initially thought I wouldn't bother. However, upon more reading and a desire to motivate myself for some exercise, I decided that I would join the challenge. I was certain that my first choice for a name would be taken ("Eowyn" of course), but when I saw that my second choice was available, I jumped to join today. I am one of the small group of Tokein fans who really liked the Tom Bombadil section in LOTR, and I was disappointed when it wasn't even filmed. My chosen name: Goldberry.

I've added the walk to Rivendell to my final 101 things list. I'll need to get a pedometer (yes Honey I know I should have sent off for that Special K pedometer ages ago) but I think I can guestimate in the meantime. Patsy and I have taken a few walks around the building during the last two weeks to help us wake up in the afternoon. I'm hoping to add both a 101 Things page and an Eowyn's Challenge page to my website in the reconstruction. I started to work on them today, but there just wasn't enough time to play with the new html editor.

It will be interesting to see how far I travel. I'll update here as my journey progresses.


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Good luck!


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