Monday, December 06, 2010

Me Again!

Not that anyone is checking at this point, but I've felt the need to blog again. I had a separate motivation to check my blogger account, then figured that I ought to post something.

I had that silly H1N1 last year, and was sick off and on for several months. Then real life kept me hopping. I fell away from the boards because I've lost the links and my passwords and user names. Stupid flu.

But sometimes I just need a safe spot to post a thought or two.

I picked up some of my Chatelaines and done some stitching in Polar Lights, Water Garden and the Convent Herb Garden. Found some mistakes, and put away Polar Lights. Perhaps 2011 will be the year I finish the WG.

I even stitch Diamonds and Squares from TW. It is probably more likely that I'll finish that in 2011. It is so soothing and repetitive at this stage, because I haven't reached the viney part.

I have put all other HAED's away except for the challenge piece. I really want to finish it by June 2011.

I've also done some quilting. I am great at tops, not so great at quilting. Well, actually, not so great at free-motion quilting, but I am fine as long as I can quilt on straight lines.

Work has been horribly stressful, merely based on volume. The public tends to complain about how slow government can be, but truthfully, I've worked private sector and in the private sector, you have slightly more resources to handle the volume. I'm processing close to 1500 cases a year and I have had a clerk for about 3/5 of the time each week. Now I have a new clerk, but she is slow because she is just learning the area.

The kids and the husband are wonderful. Things aren't always easy, but we do love each other and feel so lucky to have our family. Most days, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

We'll see if this posting becomes regular again.


At 12/07/2010 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still reading :) Hope you're feeling better, I know that having illnesses for a long time makes you miserable. Going to post pictures of everything soon? That's a good reason to keep blogging :)


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