Monday, July 24, 2006

Reply to Cathy

I'm posting this here instead of at her blog because it's too darn long. Don't ask why I responded this way, I just got on a roll and, well, rolled. (Hi Cathy! [waves foolishly through cyberspace])

1. Produce good! Yummmm I just love saying "Bok Choy." What a great name for a vegetable.
2. Your home is screaming for sunflowers. Go get a few.
3. I will stand next to Sam. Mosquitoes generally prefer me to anyone else in the area.
4. I love doorknobs and faucets. I'll take a picture of my bathroom so that you'll know what not to do: 80's lights, and mismatched wallpaper and border paper.
5. The bracelet is beautiful. My apologies that your sampler for your sons isn't complete yet.
6. Wow. Very exciting that demolition will begin next week. I can almost visualize the changes as you described them in your earlier post.
7. I feel the same way. Does this mean that the coffee, cross stitch/ knitting / crochet shop will be on the table again? ;o)
8. Someone at work thinks the incredible amount of rain has led to the creation of bigger and heretofore unknown bugs.
9. I've been gardening in fits lately. On Sunday I quickly planted what was left of the sprouts and tonight I moved the curry plant to the flower bed to give my little runt of a lavender plant a fighting chance. I have some yarn that I will never use, would you like it? I can't vouch for it's quality as I inherited it from my Grandma, but maybe you can use it?
10. I received an e-mail similar to that a few months after Angie was born whilst I was in the midst of worrying that she would die from SIDS like Lucas (she was close to the Lucas's age at his time of death). I had a sleepless night because she had been up a lot and received an e-mail foretelling death and a pox on my family if I didn't forward the thing. I sent a similar e-mail to that person and several others. I feel a little guilty about it because I'm sure that person meant no harm. I just couldn't deal with one more bad thought and I reacted harshly. That's a long way of saying I completely understand.
11. My Dad has a similar picture of a Watermill with ducks and another one with rolling hills. I don't know what happened to the Watermill one. I kind of miss it. I can't believe that Dad would have thrown it away. It has to be there somewhere.
12. Coffee is important, but what I really need is that midday Diet Dr. Pepper.
13. Hypothetically, I hope the missing dog is found. She is a cutie.
14. I think the shower rating requirement is somewhere in the marriage contract. Check the fine print.
15. Yup. Hope your foot feels better. Hugs.

Whew. I think that is everything. Actually it was probably too much.


At 7/25/2006 8:24 AM, Blogger Catherine said...

Oh my! I had to go back and see what you were replying to. I can't remember everything I write!

The coffee/cross stitch/crochet/knitting shop is definitely a must. And we'll have to hang a big poster of Russell in there somewhere. :o)


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