Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hallooooooo! Anyone still reading?

Sorry about that, was distracted by RL for quite a bit of time.

First there was the appointment (Kian is good--thanks everyone).

Then we rolled into wrapping up the school year and preparing for Angie's birthday.

Then we all caught a variety of illnesses the duration of all family ickiness lasted roughly a month.

Then Hubby's work season started picking up.

I owe some posts that are drafted hereabouts, but that will be for another day.

I started poking around the world wide stitching world on the net a few weeks ago and what did I find?

1. HAED's home (the owner's house) was destroyed by a tornado--luckily no one was hurt beyond the stress you would expect. Awful.
2. Mindy of SMF was robbed through the internet and abruptly closed up shop forever or at least so it appears. Terrible.
2. Dragon Dreams will cease producing cross stitch patterns on a regular basis and San Man has as well. Good Heavens.

So in the interest of generating a little fun, I revived the Chatelaine Stitching Olympics for the summer games. If you have Chatelaine projects and you want to join in the fun, you only have until the end of the night to sign up.

I'll try to post more than once every two months. Just wait until you see some of my stitching WIPS.

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