Thursday, August 27, 2009

I so rarely do this....

I wanted to say never, but that would be wrong because obviously I'm doing it now or I wouldn't be posting about it. And it happens from time to time. I'm pretty certain I've written about it here.

I had a really rough day. We were told yesterday at work that we were moving today (not Friday or Monday as we had been led to believe). That launched everyone into an insane flurry of packing in two buildings. Then the movers arrived and moaned and complained (that isn't on my list to move. I don't know why, I told them it needed to be moved). My current understanding is that my stuff is in the other building, in the wrong spots (we didn't know where to put it. uhhh. the big freaking note I put on it didn't help?).

Imagine the ensuing drama and chaos typical of a move.

Then imagine: it's being coordinated by the government.

Then imagine that your husband is calling you with a few snafus in the whole home buying process (one of which turned out okay as a government reg was rewritten).

Then imagine that you are also trying to plan a retirement party for your assistant. That party being held tomorrow.

Then imagine you are still trying to do your job, because it must be done, although your office (soon to be your office no more) is in disarray and the monitor is over there, the printer is here and watch out, don't step on the keyboard and then people keep walking into your room to talk to you while you do your job....


You can stop imagining--I think that is quite enough.

And now it is a few hours later and I'm home.

So that tall glass of chocolate milk and Bailey's Irish Creme prepared by my loving hubby is empty.

And I'm going to quilt! {insert evil laugh here}

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes we accept-no we don't-yes we do.

We were on a roller coaster last week--the short sale was finally approved, then the loan company pulled back and put extremely unreasonable conditions on the sale. After many phone calls from the seller's realtor, the sale was and is back on. It looks like we will close in September.

Chas and I have branched out to looking for paint and counter tops. Our home inspection on Saturday showed that we will need to replace the counter top in the kitchen. I seem to be drawn to the most expensive choices. Sigh. Chas will spend the next few weeks talking me down I guess. We will need to pick something that works for both white cabinets (currently installed) and natural wood (our eventual renovation). I love the darkest blues and Juniper in this line. What do you think?

As for colors, well, I think there will be a lot of blues. I hope our friends Cathy and Steve will still visit us--they have attempted to banish all blue from their home. There are so many beautiful colors and I have to choose. I can't use them all. Can I?

It's exciting and all very hard to visualize. Everything is happening all at once at home and at work. I really need a vacation.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It happened again

We came home late from a star party at a local metropark. We plopped the exhausted kids in bed and began to watch something from the DVR. I was a little dozy so I stretched out on the couch.

I was certain I smelled something not quite right, but Chas brushed aside my concerns.

I went to check on Kian, who was fussing in his sleep.

The smell became stronger and stronger and I was certain I was not imagining that smell which was clinging in the back of my nose and throat, acrid and slightly burnt.

When I came back out of the bedroom Chas said, "You were right."


"About the smell."

The dehumidifier burnt itself out. Thankfully, this time, the circuit breaker popped and shut off the power to the unit. No smoke or soot flowing through the house. Just a terrible burnt electronics and metal smell that lasted a good bit of the night. No longer sleepy, my adrenaline was rushing, so I managed to finish this lovely piece after viewing the damage (one dehumidifier, hot to the touch, with a few scorch marks).

It is by the Sampler Girl and is done with none of the suggested threads on a piece of Pussywillow Lugana by the gone and sorely missed Sugar Maple Fabrics. I love this fabric and so very much wish I had much much more of it. It is a perfect neutral fabric and is simply beautiful. My plan is to frame it for our new home. Hope should be a theme for everyone, but it definitely is one for our family.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More things I never thought I would hear myself say.

Hubby gets a new catalogue.

He gets excited, "Hey, they have a sonic screwdriver!!!!!!"

He pauses and reflects for a few seconds then says, "It probably doesn't really work."

I look at him incredulously, "No Honey. It probably doesn't work."


I'm not blogging much, not sewing or stitching much. I am mostly working in about seven dimensions simultaneously.

At work, I'm trying to wrap up my current docket by the end of the month. I have lots to do.

At home, we are waiting, waiting, waiting to hear about the house. The good news is that our offer is believed to be in the correct department right now. Sigh. I'm just hoping that we get some good news soon.

In crafty news, I have made a quilting plan--quilts I want to make. I really need to find the time to assemble the quilt for my clerk who is leaving in a few weeks. I made Love Beads by FunQuilts. It may be awhile before I work on curved pieces again. Or at least until I get a better sewing machine. Which, come to think of it, may be quite a while. Never fear, I have laid the groundwork for this purchase by complaining that I should have gotten a better sewing machine after the house fire every time I pull out my current sewing machine. Dear sweet Hubby has authorized the purchase once he buys his home brewing stuff.

I also need to make two zippered bags for Angie's school supplies. Apparently, in Second Grade, there are no boxes. I'm supposed to be using my fabric, so I thought this would be a good way to do it, but I need more time. Fortunately, school starts late this year so it will be two days after my docket switcheroo.

I'm having a bit of a rough day--work related--but typing this out has helped me remember that it isn't all bad.

I'm still hoping things will get better. Eventually, I will get around to posting project photos. That should brighten up the old blog.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009


Sometimes I think we need to believe in hell because we need to believe that people will be punished for their rotten behavior when there is no way they will be adequately punished in this life.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

On Pins and Needles

--We are waiting to hear about the house. We put in an offer three weeks ago, which the seller accepted but unfortunately, it is subject to a short sale (more is owed on the house than the asking price and the creditor must accept the loss). Not one but two creditors. Even more unfortunately, the second creditor sent the offer to the wrong department, which means they could reject the offer thinking that they are not trying to mitigate the loss but recapture everything.

--My hives are back -- gee do we think this is stress related. My doctor gave me a cream this time, which isn't really helping. And it's worse when my skin is in contact with something. Like a bed, or more commonly, my children. Sigh.

--I need to make a quilt for my clerk who is retiring at the end of the month. So far I'm still at the cutting stage. Can I make it in time? I'm still waiting on fabric I ordered too. Yikes.

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