Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yes I've been quiet lately

My pre-existing yuckiness was complemented and enhanced by the dandy cold Angie had on Monday. It hit Chas by Wednesday and me by Friday. Fortunately it appears to have missed my Mom who visited from Thursday to Saturday.

Darling husband made some foolish comment about how (and I paraphrase here) I'm a big whiner when ill and he isn't. While the dear man is not the big baby that most men are during personal illness, stoic is not the first description that comes to mind when thinking about his attitude in times of poor health.

The nerve.

He knew that I was already in less than great condition when the cold hit me and I was battling a double whammy. As I recall, my statement just prior to his was, "I feel yucky."


I guess the truth is don't look to your spouse for sympathy about your illness when you are both suffering from the same affliction.

Now to show his good side, tonight I came home in a state somewhere far beyond exhaustion (long, late, draining day at work) and he did the dishes and Angie's bath so that I could stay off my feet.

In stitching, I've done very little except a few stitches on Santorini. I don't think I'll meet any of my monthly goals for August. I suppose that just means more goals for next month.

Angie is almost back to one hundred percent; Chas is mostly better too. I'm on the upswing although Hubby is predicting a few more days of congestion. Maybe I'll be more functional by the weekend.


At 8/30/2006 10:19 AM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

Glad you're all starting to feel better!


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