Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Briefly back

The house has been declared uninhabitable--poor thing. It still looks good, but the electrical innards aren't what they are supposed to be. So we are scrambling to figure out how/where we will live for the next month.

We have managed the last week on the kindness of friends and family. Big thanks to Cathy and Steve for giving up one of their weekend days to help us clean and move large items.

Thanks to my Dad and Brother for coming up and for bringing two of the three cousins so that Angie could frolic and play and just feel normal.

Thanks to my Mom for helping out, even though she drove me just a bit crazy. She was/is well intentioned and we probably could not have gotten through the first few days without her. Did I mention she drove me crazy? (Sigh)

And thanks to Jen and Purvez who helped us with our second and third hotel rooms. Probably our fourth too, but we're not quite there yet.

And more thanks to the people at work. No one in my coc checked on me, but my co-workers have been kind and supportive.

I don't know how we will manage the next few weeks or months, but every time I look at Angie and Chas, I'm filled with gratitude that the very worst did not happen.

Our latest hotel (#3) was not accurate about it's internet capabilities so blogging and boarding will be minimal. I'll be here when I'm able.


At 9/14/2006 1:36 PM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

I hope you can get everything sorted quickly! Hugs to you all.


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