Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stitching Summary and September Goals

Well, between the conferences, the wasp sting and the cold, I did very little stitching last month. Just a bit here and there on many projects, I don't think I reached a single actual goal though. So close on many of them.

Two women have recently finished JG and posted their photos at the Chatelaine BB. Just Gorgeous! I am re-inspired to stitch on JG and at least finish the darn final corner ornament and zen garden. I was so close to finishing it last month actually and then I became sick. I stitched a bit on it tonight. The corner ornament is almost done to the same point as all the other ornaments and I'm working on the final zen garden. I'll try to put some nice progress on it tonight and see how it looks tomorrow. I'm still in love with this design and am just barely restraining myself from adding some of the special stitches now.

Here are my September Stitching Goals:

Chatelaine goals:

1. Finish stitching the last zen garden and corner element in JG.
2. Complete the black and blue border in JG and the bonsai pots and red branches in the corner ornaments.
3. Stitch at least one bridge and water section in JG.
4. Stitch one blue and gold corner ornament in WG
5. Stitch one set of grey pillars in WG
6. Stitch one section of greenery in the WG
7. Stitch on Springtime Roses
8. Do the Dragonfly freebie in purple for a friend.
9. Put some stitches in Midi 1.
10. Complete GTK parts 7 & 8
11. Purchase finishing instructions for GTK.
12. Stitch one crane in JG and don't worry about the black background for now.

Non Chatelaine Goals:

1. Stitch at least 30 ten by ten squares on Santorini.
2. Stitch on one of my HAED Wips during every Wednesday QS SAL.
3. Just stitch something on my Japanese Lady for mom.
4. Final charting on my friend's sampler.

Much less variety than my usual list, but I'm trying to focus a bit this month. I have too many wips.


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