Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yummmmm--Alphabet Soup!

There were still a few letters available at a good spot to wonder, so of course I asked for one.

The rules are as follows: Comment to this message and I will assign you a letter of the alphabet. Then go to your journal and post a list of 10 words that begin with this letter and what they mean to you.

I like my letter, partly because I have four in my full name. And I think it is reasonably easy. Maybe. Two popped into my mind right away.

1. Lucky: Generally how I feel. We had both bad luck (miscarriage and fire) and good (second chance at pregnancy and escaping the fire unharmed) this year, but I feel lucky to be here with my family at the moment.
2. Love: I love and feel loved. There is really nothing better.
3. Life: It is what it is. Good and bad. I'm satisfied with mine and hope to make it better for my family in the future.
4. Leftovers: The second best part of the holiday season. Unless my extended family is driving me crazy. Then it is the best part.
5. Lemonade: Beloved by me at any time, it's turning into a craving. My mouth waters at the sight of the Minute Maid six pack at the grocery store. I love the Lorena sparkling lemonade we buy at World Market because it is sweet, a little tart and fizzy.
6. Lavender: Both a favorite color and a favorite plant. I love to smell my fingers after I've brushed them against my lavender plants.
7. Laugh: I love the sound of my daughter laughing. I love to make people laugh with my silly comments. I figure life is hard enough as it is. Tragedy and sadness occur too often. We should laugh at the absurd and the enjoyable and hold onto the good moments as much as possible.
8. Loans: I will be paying these for the rest of my life. Sigh. I appreciate my education, mostly, although I'm thinking about finding a new path. I'm happy I met my husband at law school, though I didn't go with the expectation of finding someone so special. So the actual value of what I received far exceeds the amount of the loans, but still. I'll be paying these loans for the rest of my life. Or so it seems.
9. Lake: I live near the Lake now, but don't see it that often, except in brief glimpses while driving. I used to contemplate life while sitting on the rocks, watching the gulls and the waves. It brought me so much peace. I sometimes think that I would like to live in a house on the edge of the Lake so that I could watch it from the comfort of my own home. Near our house, a new home was built within the last two or three years. It is an ultra modern structure with what appears to be a poured concrete facade--not something usually to my taste. However, at the top of the house is an amazing enclosed observation deck with a wonderful view of the Lake. I often think that it would be a fantastic place to go sit and stitch or read or just look out at the water and listen to music.
10. Lip Balm: My favorite is the non-petroleum tangerine flavored balm we found at REI.

And because it is November, the bonus word:

11. L-Space As described by Terry Pratchett. I can't remember in which book you can find the explanation. This site says it is in the Discworld Companion. You should just go buy all his Discworld book in order to find it.

I'm sure I'm missing an obvious "L" word, but I'm satisfied with my efforts tonight.


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