Monday, December 11, 2006

Random Bloggery

Appliances were delivered today. However, when our landlords hired an electrician to fix the code violating bits of the house, they didn't have him return power to the electrical outlet for the stove. And they also didn't have the switch for the overhead light/fan living room hooked back up either--the pulls for that fixture no longer work so we have one little lamp for the living room at the moment. Cathy, your eye is twitching again.

Our landlord is begrudgingly sending an electrician.

I love the new rooms arrangement. It almost feels spacious. Just wait until we cram more of our things in though. For example, I still don't have my stash back--just my current projects.

The basement looks appalling. I forgot to mention that in my previous post. The walls are not as black as they were. Now they are just a dingy grey, which is even more apparent with the lights and the new ceiling tiles.

The appliances look great. The knobs for the stove are far out of the reach of little hands. Chas will be happier when he can actually use it though. It's nice to have new appliances. We bought our old appliances used and both Chas and I had to repair the dryer.

For the first time, Chas couldn't go with me to the Doctor's appointment. The Direct TV people were supposed to come out this morning but they cancelled and did not come until I was at my appointment. We were both kind of sad about it. It was too late to try to reschedule the Direct TV though. Angie went with me. Everything is fine. The ultrasound and the quad check look good. My weight gain is on target (I've gained roughly 12 to 14 pounds). Of course my dramatic increases came in the last tri mester with Angie so I'm not certain that I'll keep within the 25 pound limit set by the Doctor.

The Bathroom fan makes odd, rattling noises now. Angie hates it. I have to admit that I find it rather unpleasant. It does not make for a relaxing shower.

I told my two judges about the pregnancy on Friday. One was very excited for me. The other one hasn't responded at all. That pretty much sums up how they each generally treat me. I just hope it doesn't bode ill for my maternity leave.

We don't know where the screws are for Angie's bed. Another conundrum.

I'm way behind with the baby names site. Sorry. Once we are more settled in the house, I'll update the website. One of the ladies at work was throwing all sorts of names my way last week. I have pages from her alone!


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