Friday, December 01, 2006

December Stitching Goals

I would chuckle at the thought of setting some stitching goals this month, but the antibiotic and the super-steriod haven't kicked in yet, so I'll save my breath. I realized that I haven't set goals since September and I've only been stitching again for roughly one month. But I'll give it a try anyway.

1. Stitch on Japanese Garden. Finish the border. Work another half bridge or two. Stitch some PTB. Finish the red branches in the bonsai and pines. Finish one of the Cranes and worry about the black background later.
2. Work on Springtime Roses. I'm really close to finishing this one.
3. Work on gift for friend (shhh. Secret stuff here).
4. Work on Midi 1 (she's calling to me since the new Rennaissance Midi was announced for next July and she's been singing to me since the final part of Midi 2 was released)
5. Finish a page of Bedtime Story and start another one. Get to the wing if possible.
6. Finish Ballet Pigs
7. Stitch on GTK. Finish the inside page if possible.
8. Stitch on the Japanese Lady.
9. Stitch on Water Garden a bit. I really am closer to finishing. I just need to focus.
10. Stitch on either Buttercup Kitty Fae or Frog Prince 3.
11. Stitch a little on Santorini
12. Work on some bookmarks or dragons or ornaments--something small.

My accomplishments over the last month or more include:

1. Half a bridge in JG
2. Finishing the last corner ornament and zen garden in JG.
3. Nearly completing the blue black border in JG--I just have the bottom to stitch and add the PTB then I'll be done until I can do the special stitches.
4. Some stitching on the Antique Plane, Buttercup Kitty Fae and the Japanese Lady.
5. Some solid progress on Ballet Pigs--the end is in sight.
6. Roughly 70% done on the first page of Bedtime Story.

Not bad.


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