Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm Back

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate that sort of thing). We had a reasonably nice time. My parents are divorced so when we visit, the holidays are generally spent dashing back and forth between houses. Mom's house was full with my family and my brother Jay's family. That put a grand total of six adults and four kids seven and under in the house. Just let that mental image percolate a while. Yes, it was that chaotic.

When I wasn't playing Lego Star Wars with my seven year old nephew, which was quite a lot, I did some stitching on most of the projects I brought with me: JG, Ballet Pigs and the Antique Airplane. The only projects I didn't touch were Bedtime Story and an un-named project for a friend who occasionally reads here (I did bag the flosses though so that I could get ready to stitch it). I'm sure I've typed this before but I absolutely, positively hate stitching that stupid Antique Airplane. The chart stinks and I'm adding lots of quarter stitches to make it look right. I'm also running out of a very necessary fiber and this design is part of a kit, which uses the company's fibers rather than DMC or Anchor. It's very frustrating. However, I do love the fabric I'm using: instead of the yucky aida (which was supposed to be tea-dyed by me to give an antique feel), I found a lovely piece of Picture This Plus jazlyn in Fog. It is a beautiful neutral color. It's for my Dad so I am motivated to finish it soon so that he can enjoy it.

We're all more than a little worried about Dad. He is 75 and his health has deteriorated dramatically in the past few years. He plans to drive to Florida on Wednesday for the winter. My brothers, our spouses/significant others and I are all biting our nails about the wisdom of that decision. We've tried to talk to him about it, but he has made up his mind. I just don't know if he can handle the trip. Just typing this makes me worry even more.

And in keeping with the holiday spirit, it appears that Angie and I are both sick.



At 11/29/2006 9:32 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Good luck with all your wips. I found your blog through The Faery Glade. I'm a new stitcher with a new love for stitching and also crocheting. I am also a new blogger so I thought I would say hello!

Here's my blog!


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