Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby News and a Contest.

We had the Level 2 ultrasound today. The Baby seems fine, nothing to indicate any problems. Coupled with the fact that our regular Doctor has not called us with the results of the quad check, it seems that we will have a child as healthy as can be with us for parents (Note to self: start therapy/counseling fund immediately).

We did learn the gender--if you check on the internet you will see that it is incredibly easy to see either gender at the ultrasound.

However, we decided we wanted to have fun with this information. After all, if all goes well, in a few months we will be existing on no sleep for several weeks. We need to take our amusement when we can.

So here's the deal:

We are not disclosing the gender until we come up with a name for the baby. Even before today, we were struggling with a name. So we are taking submissions for both girl and boy names. If we pick the name you suggest, we will tell you the baby's gender at least one (1) week before we tell everyone else.

Please note:

We are not accepting any "A" names because we don't want our children's names to start with the same letter.

Chas has sent the e-mail regarding this little idea (for which I have to give him full credit although I completely love it) to our families.

I'm waiting for the outraged e-mails and phone calls to start any second now.



At 12/05/2006 10:02 AM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

Congratulations! Glad to hear everything looks good! Baby's already cute, I'm sure ;)
For a boy, I'll suggest Basil and Nigel. For a girl, I like Gabrielle.
Names can be hard. Darin got his name because Jymi and I went through an entire baby book, and it was the only one we could agree on!

At 12/05/2006 4:30 PM, Blogger Nicki said...

I'm so glad everything's OK! :)

My friend's little girl is called Poppy, so I'm suggesting that for a girl. Or Emma. How about Peter for a boy?!

Can't wait to see what the family think!

At 12/07/2006 7:22 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Oh babies! I love babies! I vote for Anabelle or Michaela for a girl. For a boy I vote for Garrett or Caleb.



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