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2007: The Year of the WIP

I don't really make resolutions any longer. I did in my twenties when my days were fairly open and all I needed to do was go to work or school and think about the kind of person I wanted to be. I'm still a work in progress, but my days are just packed so I'm not going to try to do anything more than love Chas, Angie and the much anticipated new kid, work on my 101 things, stitch and work.

However, I will post my stitching plans for 2007, just to see how I do this year.

I have mentioned before that I want 2007 to be the year for finishing WIPs.

From my current WIP and UFO lists, I'd like to finish:

Japanese Garden
Water Garden
Tree of Hope
Amethyst Mystery
Snow Crystal
Midi Mystery 1
Christmas Tree Mandala

QS Ballet Pigs
QS Frog Prince
QS Buttercup Kitty Fae
Bedtime Story

Teresa Wentzler:
Diamonds in Squares

Japanese Angel
Antique Airplane

I'm crazy with ambition, I know. But many of these are quite far along and would be obtainable goals.

For any WIP or UFO not listed above, I'd like to put some stitches in each design during 2007. I really miss Taj and would like to pick her up again soon. However, I think that I will be removing the Fantasy triptych from the UFO list. I only had a few stitches in her and I think that I would be hard pressed to remember where I actually was in the design, not to mention, what threads were used in it. The fabric was too small anyway--barely an inch on each side. It was started well before my days on the internet so I just used the fabric I could find at the local JoAnn's. I plan to rip out the threads and use the fabric for ornaments, and buy bigger fabric for the design. Now I just need to find it.

I'm hoping to start the following designs:

Midi Mystery 2
Midi Mystery 3
Polar Lights
Japanese Octagon Box
St Petersburg White Nights

Bedtime Tales (Lisa Victoria)
Mystery Project (it's a gift so I can't post it)

Teresa Wentzler:
Millennium (Planets only)
Tapestry Dog (taking out the cat, inserting a black lab)
You Were Hatched

Graceful Lady
Long Dog Paradigm Lost
Ornaments for each monthly SAL
Sampler for a friend.

Hmmm. Not crazy with ambition, deliriously mad with it.

I am attempting to participate in a few scheduled SALs this year:

HAED BB SAL Challenge on the second weekend
The Christmas Ornament SAL on the fourth weekend

I may pop in on the TW SAL from time to time. I haven't been active on that board in ages though. I saw a gorgeous RR of only TW Dragons and thought maybe I would do some thing similar for the baby. I hope they don't mind me borrowing their idea. And I may, when the spirit moves me, do the QS SAL at the HAED BB. These are both weekly SAL's so I don't need to make a major commitment to either of them.

Additionally, I am designating any non-SAL Friday as a "Finish It or Figures Friday." On those nights, I will either work on the actual finishing of stitched works (GTK, ornies, etc) or I will stitch a human form--Japanese Lady, the Ladies in the Midi designs, etc. I could probably work on some of my HAED's as well.

Yes, my stitching year will be just packed. And with new baby and moving on the horizon, my cup will be overflowing for certain.

I'm excited about working on these various projects. It will be interesting to see in 364 days, what has been done, what has been added and what is still waiting for me to stitch it.

I'm off to have some tea and then finish the stitching on MX. I've almost finished using the silks (just a small bit of the border to do because Hubby would not let me stay up past 1:00 a.m. [we were watching the animated Tick after the ball dropped] to finish it). Then I'll work on the metallics. That should be easy enough to do today (she says with optimism). I don't do the special stitches or beading until the end and there are quite a lot of beads and crystals in this part.

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At 1/01/2007 5:07 PM, Blogger Nicki said...

Your year sounds as packed with stitching as mine will be! But it's going to be fun :)


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