Thursday, December 28, 2006

Somali Documentary Project

I've previously mentioned the CLE requirement for Judges and Magistrates in Ohio. It appears that I have failed entirely to mention the best CLE of this (or any other year).

The Ohio Judicial College, recognizing that immigrants are finding their way to Ohio, is developing a series of courses on various immigrant groups. The first was in late August and covered the Somali Diaspora. Have I ever mentioned that I was an International Affairs major in undergrad? Lovely to have my brain stretched in a different way.

What a great seminar! A former Ambassador from Somalia spoke a bit about the history and politics of the country and there was the requisite bit on demographics. Most incredible, and heart wrenching, were the two gentlemen from the Somali Documentary Project. It is, unfortunately, short on text and my notes from the seminar are missing in action in the moment (are they in the storage unit? The garage? The new and ever-so-slightly improved basement--oh the joys of our post fire life), but I encourage you to go look at the photos. They are beautiful.

If you heard the documentarians speak about the refuge camps (some people are there for decades), you would want to do, well, something to help. I wish I had something profound to say about the current situation over there. I don't. I hope for something positive there. Someone told me yesterday that they are certain we can achieve world piece. I don't know. It seems to me that we struggle to evolve.

I see people arguing over foolish things or just being hurtful. I see people treating their own children as tools to be used to punish the other parent, rather than as people in their own right, with feelings. I'm hopeful, but sometimes it seems we still have eons to go before we can truly treat each other with the kindness and respect we all deserve.

Anyway, go look at the photos. Hope and pray for peace if you are so inclined. Let's hope for a better New Year than the last one.


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