Monday, March 26, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

First, here is the scan of Snow Crystal by Chatelaine Designs. I couldn't wait to take a proper picture of it. You'll need to tilt your head to the right at a 49 degree angle to see it as charted.

Very pretty isn't it? I'm so in love with this design. It is supposed to be a giftie, however, I am fighting the almost overwhelming desire to keep it for myself. I keep comforting myself with the notion that I've had lots of personalization ideas while stitching it and that I'll keep a later stitched version.

We'll see whether good Holley or bad Holley wins out in the end.

The details:

It is stitched on 28 count jazlyn Meditation by Picture this Plus. I think this is the best fabric for this design as charted. I used Hi Luster PTB in Silver (PH02) instead of regular silver because it is my favorite silver PTB--it has wonderful shine in real life. I also used Thread Gatherer Silk'n Colours # 081 in Forget Me Not for the Rhodes stitches. And I confess. I tried to use Mill Hill beads, really I did. I have oodles of them and I decided to use a lavender MH rather than the recommended mauve. I did one section of Mill Hills and hated the color and the way they laid next to each other. Then I tried Delica beads in #249 and fell in love, then promptly frogged the stitched Mill Hills. They look fantastic. I received the Delicas in one of my Bead Collector shipments from ECC so that has made that little club completely worthwhile to me. A note about the beading: I know that the PTP site lists DMC 211 as a close match to Meditation. I must say a hearty "no way" to that. DMC 211 is far to pinkish to match. I used DMC 3747 to attach the beads instead.

In other stitching news, I completed stitching two more ornaments during this month's Christmas Ornament SAL and you can see them here. I'm still a bit astounded that I, little old me, completed the star. I'm still not sure how I managed that blackwork and I am even more impressed with the people who stitch the Leon Conrad Designs. I started a third ornament but put it aside in order to pull out one of my UFO's.

I started TW's Stretch when it was released (err, yes it was six and a half years ago--my head is bowed). I'm still very fond of it and I am ashamed that it is still on my list to complete because I have a ridiculously small amount of work to do on it: add a claw and finish the backstitching. That's it. I found it while searching for some Caron Watercolours (which I didn't find) from the stash I have in the garage. I'm missing a few of the DMC needed to finish it but I'm sure if I look around what I have here at home, I'll be able to find them too. I'd hate to buy new DMC for this tiny bit of stitching.

I've also done a bit more on Midi 1, WG and tonight I may stitch a teensy bit on JG. I think I am back in love with WG at the moment--WG and I have a fickle relationship since I finished the blue silken pool in the center. However, since it is for my SIL and BIL (husband's sister), and they have been so good to us, and I have been working on it since the Fall of 2004, I would really, really, like to finish it this year. Maybe I can actually complete a few goals this month.

Why am I so motivated? I really want to be able to order Tuscany Mandala Garden when it is released.

In other non stitching news, we looked at some houses this weekend, exteriors only. Out of seven, we found two that we liked. I suppose we are too fussy. No we do not want to live a block away from the humongous chemical plant. We're funny that way. A nice one is a bit over priced at the moment, but the location is great and it has wood floors. We'll see how things go. We have much to do in the house hunting arena. I'm hoping we'll manage to move this year. Our current home is cozy and okay for the three of us. Once Kian needs to be in something other than the co-sleeper next to our bed, we will have out grown this place.

Angie is feeling better after having battled a gastro-intestinal virus last week. Her pediatrician said that it was running rampant through the area and that kids were definitely hit harder, but the adults would feel it too. Yup. Last week was a bit uncomfortable in the household. Angie has clearly lost some weight. Tonight, she devoured her dinner though. Thank Goodness.

I saw the Doctor today and everything still seems fine. The co-sleeper we ordered should be here either tomorrow or Wednesday (that has been a month long adventure as I have tried to order it from three or four different places only to discover they didn't actually have it). However, contrary to what my co-workers say, the Doctor says that my body isn't ready yet to have the baby.

My co-workers also tell me lovely things like how big my bottom is getting. I didn't really need to hear that. I wouldn't mind so much, except that the person who is saying to me seems to be trying to be mean, rather than just teasing (other people tell me that you can't tell I'm pregnant unless you actually see my giant belly). Then again, maybe there is really no good way to hear that your backside is spreading.

Kian has started exhibiting his personality. He does not like it when anything rests against my belly (unless it is Angie). He immediately kicks or push the weight away. I'm not sure what this means, except that maybe he isn't a snuggler. Also, he kicks me when I am hungry as if to say, "Hey lady, stop what you are doing and feed me!" He must be very concerned that we'll forget to feed him once he is out.

So that is life right now. Busy, busy, busy. I'm going to hop off the computer now so that Angie can play for a bit before bathtime.

Good night.

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At 3/27/2007 5:44 AM, Blogger Cheryl said...

Hi! I followed a link to your blog from the christmas ornie blog. Ive really enjoyed reading it! You have stitched some lovely pieces! I will stop by again :)

At 3/27/2007 8:06 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Snow Crystal is amazing. I couldn't imagine giving it up! I think the personality traits of Kian are very cute and how cute that Angie is ok to be leaning against your tummy. Good luck with house hunting (no such thing as too picky)!

At 3/27/2007 8:31 AM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

Your Snow Crystal is gorgeous! Glad Angie is feeling better. it's amazing how early babies start showing personality traits!

At 3/27/2007 9:58 AM, Blogger Salilouisa said...

Snow Crystal looks lovely.

Definitely be picky about your new home - it's a big commitment.


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