Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. One of you very kindly checked on me so I thought I should post a general statement.

I'm okay!

Everything is still fine. Last week, my in-laws told us on Tuesday that they would be here Friday. That pushed us into a flurry of unprecedented cleaning frenzy. We survived the cleaning and the visit. My mom arrives on Sunday, so we are attempting to maintain the clean. Do you have anyone in your life who wants so badly to be a help that they end up causing more stress?

Anyway, there has been a lot of drama at work lately (not related to me). I was so incredibly grateful when someone told me that it was Thursday (I was thinking it was Wednesday). March has been difficult at work: Sometimes happy, sometimes hopeful, sometimes just heartbreaking. I do love what I do, but every now and then I think of how nice it would be to win the lottery and mosey off into the sunset.

It's also suddenly hit me that I could really have a baby in just two or three weeks, although I'm still technically 5 weeks away from my due date. That spurred another bout of frenzied activity. The first part of my pregnancy seemed to drag in part due to the stress from the house fire. 2007 seems to be zipping right along though.

I have managed some stitching but not nearly what I would like to have accomplished. Most of my work was this weekend on the HAED challenge piece, but I still won't reach my goal for this month. I'll really need to work hard to reach any of my stitching goals in the next 16 days.

Angie was accepted at the private school, which is good. Now I just have to worry about tuition. I know we can manage it for this year. Part of me worries that we won't be able to afford to keep her there. It really isn't that much (it's one of the more affordable non-religious schools in the area), but sometimes I just worry that we have (at my suggestion) bitten off more than we can maintain. The good news is that we are now free to search just about anywhere for a new house because we won't be limited by the public school issue. Then I have to worry about how we can make a down payment....

I think I'm really just in late pregnancy worry mode and I'm fretting over just about everything.

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