Friday, February 02, 2007

February Goals.

I just checked and it appears that I did not post goals for last month. I must have been so happy to have 2006 end that I clean forgot. I posted a few on the Chatelaine BB though:

1. Finish at least one more bridge and Crane section on JG. Start another one. Nope
2. Finish the first over one crane (without the black background until I find my favorite black). Nope
3. Finish Snow Crystal. Nope
4. Finish another side of grey columns in WG. Nope

For February, I'm hoping to do the following:

1. Finish all Cross stitching on Midi 1 and start the special stitches.
2. Finish Snow Crystal
3. Finish the cross stitching in Part 2 of MX
4. Finish another set of bridges in JG
5. Finish another set of grey columns on WG.
6. Stitch two ornaments for the Christmas Ornament SAL
7. Finish the page of my HAED SAL design.

I'd also like to pick the fibers and the fabric for my friend's sampler, but I do need to check out her house first to compare colors.

When I was going over my various WIPS last month, I realized that I am closer to finishing Midi 1 than any other Chatelaine. Well, technically, the Amethyst Mystery is the closest to being finished since it only lacks beads and new crystals, but since I haven't obtained the perfect ones yet, Midi 1 is closest. There is really no excuse not to finish Snow Crystal this month. I have a tiny bit of cross stitching left, half the metallics then the fun special stitches and beading.

Of the two Mandalas, WG is probably closer to being done than JG so I should be good and concentrate on that. I've found that while I loved stitching the blue pool in WG, the grey pillars are dull, dull, dull. It's hard to stay motivated. The HAED goal is a push because I don't think I finished even half a page during the last SAL, but I want to try. The Ornaments should be easy since I have two started already.

I am so tempted to start the Leporello or the Octagon Box, but I am holding back until I actually complete something sizeable. I love my WIPS,and I'll be sorry to finish each project, but there are many more I want to add to my WIPS list.

By golly, I am going to finish some things this year.

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