Monday, December 11, 2006

Random Stitchery

I was hard at work on JG. I've finished the blue and the black of the border, added the red branches for the pines in the corner ornaments and finished the other half of the bridge at the top. I've started adding bamboo shoots. Pretty. I didn't want to post about it, because I don't have pictures to show yet. Maybe this weekend.

I also worked a bit on Springtime Roses last week. It may be my only hope of having another finish in 2006. I would like to get to the dyed fibers soon, even if I don't finish it.

This weekend was a general SAL at the HAED bb. I worked on Bedtime Stories of course, I added another full-ish row and most of two others. I love stitching this design. I actually even like working on the larger project (this is definitely a BAP). I may be able to finish the first page within the next week. It just depends on whether I switch to another project.

It is impossible for me to have a consistent focus piece, as I've seen listed on other blogs.

I lack the "focus" part.

I am just barely restraining myself from starting the Snow Crystal by Chatelaine. It is so very pretty, but it's big (compared to the other charts she posted in her Advent Calendar). I've picked out the fabric. I've gotten the threads. I have the beads or maybe I'll sub some blue ones from ECC. But I shouldn't start anything new. Really I shouldn't.


I've joined the Christmas Ornament SAL organized by Nicki. Even if I only participate a few times next year, I will still have completed a few ornies. I don't really know what condition our existing ornaments are in (suffice it to say there will be even less decorating for the holidays than usual). Hopefully I'll make enough ornaments to give as gifts and still keep some for us.

With the new Ornament SAL every fourth weekend, I'll need to revamp my rotation (such as the crumbling remains of my rotation still exist). I was thinking of theme days: Figures Friday (Japanese Lady); Santorini Saturday; QS SAL Wednesday (HAED); Martina Monday (One of my Chatelaines); and so on.

Realistically, it's probably best to have just a few specific stitching dates and then stitch whatever screams loudest.

People are starting to talk about plans for next year. I'll try to look over my past goals for this year, and then post something for 2007 in the near future. I mentioned this on the Chatelaine board: I have a few new starts planned for next year, but I really hope to make 2007 the year of finishes.

The problem is that there are so many things I want to stitch.


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