Saturday, October 27, 2007

Being Random

It's been rough.

Lots of sibling jealousy this week. Angie drew a picture of us holding hands--Mommy, Daddy, and Angie but no Kian. Many tantrums and even a little destructive behavior. I'm sure we'll laugh about it in the future. Right.

On the plus side, she did 'fess up to the destruction.

The work week started with the discovery that one of the parents in a case permanently removed herself from the case and her child's life. That has been a little hard for me to handle as a person and a mom.

Really, I think that is it for the rough. But it all happened on the same day and they were doozies, which made it a bit difficult to regain a good mood for the rest of the week.

A little boy collapsed and died in gym class from a heart defect. He did not have the same problem as Kian, but still, it brings my worries to the surface.

Kian is in a great mood, but he is having some itchy patches and skin irritation so I worry, worry, worry. Though as Chas pointed out, the doctor didn't seem concerned at his check-up last week.

This TMI so you can skip down to the next section if you want....

I'm breastfeeding Kian and sometimes it's a bit more active than I recall it being with Angie at the same age.

Is it at all possible to sprain a breast?

Just wondering.

This site is oodles of fun. Thanks (I think) to Dana for posting the link. It will be appearing in the sidebar soon.

On the stitching front, not much done this week as work was very hectic. However, I have just a few more sections of special stitches, then most of the beading to do. I had hoped to finish it this month, but that is unlikely as I am working on an ornament this weekend and will only be able to stitch at lunchtime next week.

Still, if I continue to focus on it, I could likely finish it by November 10th, give or take a day. I will certainly finish it before the big Chatelaine SAL next month.

Which reminds me....

I'm hosting a long SAL at the Chatelaine Board from November 18th through the 30th. Please feel free to join in the fun (it's in the Olympics forum).

I'm nearly finished with the ornament for this month. I was tempted to start something new from the JCS ornament issue, but I am being good and finishing a SWIP instead. It's a blackwork ornie and I will be so happy when it is done. Ugh. It feels tedious, but maybe I'm just annoyed to be distracted from Midi.

I have most of what I need to stitch Autumn by Chatelaine. I may let myself start it in November if I finish Midi or Amethyst. I only need two crystals for Amethyst. I'm just not certain when I will get around to ordering them.

I'm under 40 projects in progress on the sidebar and I'd like to keep it that way. So no new starts until I finish something other than an ornament or bookmark.

A copyright question:

Angie's school is having a craft fair in December. I was contemplating stitching some freebies for the school to sell. Is it legal to do so? We did not cover that dilemma in my intellectual property class in Law School.

We had a great time at the fall festival at Angie's school last night. Angie loved the attention from us and had a great time playing all the games. Yes, all the games. My pockets were filled with little plastic bugs and spider rings.

Kian has been resting on my lap for two+ hours now. Various body parts have gone numb, but at least my boy is with me and I've been able to blog.

Steven Moffat should write more Doctor Who episodes. He just should. Darn creepy angels frightening the bejeebers out of me.

Flash Gordon is mostly watchable if Flash and Dale have absolutely no scenes together.

Additionally. Ming the bureaucrat needs to be removed. It is bad when Ming menacingly threatens dire punishment for failure and both Chas and I shout, "He'll make you fill out forms in triplicate!"

Little Kian is awake now so I'll end my ramblings for now.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

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At 10/27/2007 6:19 PM, Blogger jymisgurl said...

For the freebies, I think it depends on the designer. I've seen where some list on it on their copyright don'ts, and some don't mention it. Lots of help, huh? I would email the designers of the specific ones you want to and see what they say.
I think it's great you want to breastfeed Kian, especially if you're planning on two years! I had planned for one year with both my boys, but lasted a week with Tobi, and 9 months with Darin. I had to stop with Darin, because he started biting and drew blood.

At 10/28/2007 3:12 AM, Blogger Janet said...

I hear you on the sprained breast thing - one drop of breastmilk and my baby's hands turn into pincers that the biggest, baddest mud crab would be proud of. Honestly, some days it looks (and feels) like I've been clipping pegs on them!
As for the copyright I'm not sure about the U.S but here in Oz you would probably be O.K if you weren't reproducing the actual charts for sale or making a profit. Emailing the designers is a good idea, hopefully they would be thrilled to be able help with fundraising for education. I think its marvellous that you are prepared to put so much effort in -your work is so lovely it would sell instantly!


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