Saturday, October 13, 2007

Don't mind me, I'm in a Mood.

I've thought about posting several long posts during the last few weeks venting about various things, but I have very limited computer time at present. I've created the posts in my head but they never reach blogger. I'm not really up to venting at the moment, so I'll simply state that there is not an area of my life that isn't causing me some worry or stress.

The topper was yesterday at work--it started out brilliant and I had a genuine sense of satisfaction with my performance, my contributions to the job and with my abilities. Then thirty five minutes before the end of the day, I had a conversation lasting less than a minute with a very significant person and I am doubting the stability of my job. I hate politics and cronyism.

And coincidentally, my not so LNS is seeking a new owner. I would love to buy it, but now is just not the time for me to take a big risk.

In stitchy news, I'm nearly finished with Midi 1 (Medieval Times ) by Chatelaine Designs. I've finished all the cross stitching (except for some ptb in the bottom border) and that leaves the special stitching, beads and crystals. This is a scan so it doesn't show the full design, but you get a good idea of what is done. I have only stitched one herb/flower name which you can just barely discern on the scan. I'm using a skein of Forest of Greens for the words. It is a regular skein of the silk because some of the letters have over one sections and the perle would not work well with it. I must say I'm dreading the knots for the i's. I'll use Colonial knots instead of French knots, but I'm still not eager to get to them. It might be what prevents me from finishing this month.

As you can see I have to stitch all the flowers. There are lots of them so I may not be able to finish Midi this month. I'm tempted to focus on Midi until I'm sick of it or I finish just so that I can possibly finish it. I haven't quite decided yet. I've worked a teeny bit on WG and still have so much to do with it. I started it maybe three years ago and I just want it to be done. Midi is for me and WG is a gift. But Midi is closer to completion. Perhaps I'll finish Midi and then focus on WG rather than starting a new Chatelaine (sigh).

Back to Midi: The lady is now complete. I originally posted my conversion back in January. The dye lots in my possession just did not work together so I converted her gown to the deep reds, which I prefer anyway. And since Teresa Wentzler is another favorite of mine, I couldn't simply back stitch with the black NPI. Instead I rummaged through my stash of NPI's to find colors that worked to my eye.

So, for your stitching amusement, here is my Lady's full conversion:

Instead of the Rusty Amber, I used the Cerise Noir.
Instead of the Crimson Wood, I used the Rosewood.
Instead of the Frosted Auburn, I used the Elephant and Castle.
Her eye is stitched with the Chesnut.
I backstitched her arm with NPI 935 (appropriately the Gothic Red Range)
I backstitched her under skirt with NPI 606
Her shoes are backstitched with NPI 588

I love, love, love the vines on the arch. I didn't think that stitching these with two strands would work, but it looks lush and glorious. It is a pleasure to stitch the vines. I love jessicas so I'm eager to stitch the flowers. I'll probably use the Cerise Noir for the flowers. I may mix it up a bit and do some with the Rosewood too. I haven' decided yet.

I'm doing lots of other stitching this month too. This weekend is a HAED Challenge SAL so I've done a bit on that piece. At Angie's request, I've done more on Frog Prince 3. I've also stitched on the tuffet, Rose Bookmark, WG, Teresa Wentzler's Diamonds in Squares, and Stealing Oats. I've also pulled out a needlepoint design at work for when I'm pumping. I don't enjoy stitching with wool, but I just want to finish the durn thing.

The stitching list sounds impressive, but as I only get a few minutes of stitching at a time, I haven't progressed much in any design.

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At 10/14/2007 5:32 AM, Blogger Nicki said...

My Midi I has been stuck on the lady ever since she first came out. Remember I did her and hated the patchwork effect so frogged her? But she doesn't look much better even with picking out the bits of colour that blend. I need to frog again and either do what you've done or stitch something else completely. I think my main problem is that I just don't like her at all so I need a pattern for an urn or something medieval to replace her!


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